Thursday, May 31, 2018

Carol Hayes

Fall 650.
Spring 650.

Robert Bangiola

Balanced River Branches Site Specific works starting at 950.

Rachel Frank

Rhyton (Small III.) Opening 1200.
Rhyton (Medium VI.) 1400.
Rhyton (Medium III.) Pour 1600.

Kieran Kinsella

Rose Club (roses made by Maria Moyer) 3200.
Rose Cudgel (roses made by Maria Moyer) 2800.

Andrew Dupont

Learning Tank 4300.

Amy Ross

She-wolf 2800.
Doe 3200.

Giselle Potter

Rip Van Winkle 500.

Chris Schade

Two Trees 850.

Zoe Pettijohn-Schade

Leaf Structure/Societal Model 5 850.

Joseph Geller

River View 4 2000.

Dave Gloman

Bash Bish Falls 1200.
Bash Bish Falls (Shade) 1200.

Gene Debartolo

Yes Deer 2800.

Joe Mama-Nitzberg

Mutation Video edition of 3 1400.

Becca Van K

Palenville Overlook, Catskill Mountains 250.

Jacob Fossum

An Archaic Revival #1 2000.

Julia Whitney Barnes

Church’s Olana/Domestic Bliss 5500.

Becca Van K

Catskills Cabin #2 250. SOLD

Gretchen Kelly

Roxanne by the River (after Camille Corot) 1900.

Becca Van K

Becca Van K Cabin in the Catskills 450.

Emily Ritz

Dig 500.

Elise McMahon

Man in Camo 300.

Brian Stremick

Botanical Drawings 950. ea

Kahn and Selznick

Flooded Island 2000. (unframed)

Laetitia Hussain

Tartan Plaid 32 Harvest courtesy of John Davis Gallery 650. Erskine Plaid Barn courtesy of John Davis Gallery 650.

Nathaniel Galka

“do you see what I see...” 3600.

Melora Kuhn

Where the Waters became Still, in Former Mohican Territory 25,800.

Tess Michalick

Sweetheart in Burnt Sienna 3200.

Richard Saja

Morning, Noon and Night: the Skies in Love with You 5000. Sold

Elliott Green

Surgery 3750. Forehead 7500.

Marc Swanson

Catskill Creek 3800.

Eric Wolf

Willow and Flood 7500.

Julie Evans

Creek 3600.